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  • Is preventative in nature

  • Enhances, strengthens, and stabilizes family and the community life

  • Helps people to develop independence and strengthens coping skills

  • Promotes volunteerism

  • Encourages and facilitates the development of stronger communities

  • Promotes citizen participation

  • Enables local decision making

To advance the quality of life by supporting & developing services which strengthen the individual, the family and the community.   

Consists of community members representing a cross section of   people that reflect the needs and concerns within the community of Manning and the area.
Board Responsibilities are:

  • Identify needs within the community that fall within the mandate of Family and Community Support Services;

  • Act as a catalyst to respond to needs identified within the community;

  • review and consider all program/projects proposals and representations from the community at large with respect to preventive support services

  • Review FCSS policies & procedure

  • Annual FCSS Budget

Manning & District F.C.S.S. is a member of Family Community Support Services Association of Alberta (FCSSAA).  The association unites and strengthens       


F.C.S.S. community by representation on advocacy on behalf of their members

Check out their website:

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